Private Sessions

One hour-long in-person session, with certified trainer Alexandria Hawk, CPDT-KA. In-Home or Public Sessions are personalized to you and your dog's goals, whether it be basic obedience or more significant behavioral changes. Session notes and homework are provided after the session. Sessions can be purchased individually or in packages. Call or email to book a session today!

In-Home Sessions

Whether you're looking to change behavioral issues or to get your pup ready for your family visit or a new baby, we will have mock set-ups for challenging situations for your dog during sessions. Management and training techniques will be provided that will make life more enjoyable for you and your dog.

Public Sessions

Would you like to take your dog to public events or restaurants with you? Does your dog need a brush-up on their basic obedience before tackling distractions in public? Maybe you're just looking for a relaxed walk through the park or wish your dog would give you focus while walking through the store. We tailor your sessions to your needs by meeting in public and working in your goal environment to build new habits in your dog.

Virtual Sessions

Join certified expert, Alex, online for personalized training, tackling behavioral issues, and teaching essential life skills. Enjoy the convenience of live video calls tailored to your dog's unique needs. Benefit from reduced distractions, a stress-free environment, and a stronger bond with your pup - all from the comfort of your home! We can now extend our services beyond our travel radius, welcoming clients from anywhere in the United States to join our sessions.

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socialization Sessions

Is your dog inexperienced around other dogs? Maybe you have a dog who lacks confidence? We will hand-pick a pack or individual dog that is right for your dog to socialize with. Whether nervous, too excited, we will work with your dog at their pace to properly socialize them. Sessions include pack walks and one-on-one play dates or walks, depending on your dog's behavior and reaction toward other dogs.

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Day Camp

Day Camp offers a hands-free approach to instilling new habits in the cozy surroundings of your home. Certified trainer Alex Hawk engages in one-on-one sessions with your pup, cultivating positive behaviors tailored to your preferences. Sessions are scheduled three to five times weekly, ensuring a personalized and effective training routine. Stay connected with your pup's progress through comprehensive training plans and session videos. Cap off the transformation with a final review session, teaching you the ins and outs of instilling new habits.

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Grooming Sessions

Private grooming and body handling sessions at Rumford Pet Express! Alex will walk you through the grooming process in a fear-free method to make body handling easier for you and stress-free for your dog. Sessions are held on Sundays from 10am - 1pm. Registration is required for sessions; no walk-ins.

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Wedding Pupscort services

Are you looking to have your dog at your wedding? Alex will escort your dog to and from, keeping your dog safe and comfortable! She will care for your dog in between activities they are included in, assist in posing for pictures, and take them for a treat before dropping them off at home while you can finish celebrating your big day! You can stay carefree and at ease, knowing that your furbaby is in the hands of a certified professional.

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Birthday party

Make your dog's birthday unforgettable with a unique celebration! Treat your furry friend to the expertise of certified trainer Alex Hawk. Watch your dog enjoy customized birthday games, engaging activities, and special treats, all delivered with love and cuddles. Alex ensures a celebration tailored to your pup's preferences, leaving them happily tired and enriched from a day filled with joy and excitement!

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